Jet Air Dryers promise to help your bottom line, but they force people to share viruses and bacteria. Take our Dirty Details Pop Quiz to reveal your “Hygiene IQ.”


Jet Air Dryers promise to help your bottom line, but they force people to share viruses and bacteria. Take our Dirty Details Pop Quiz to reveal your “Hygiene IQ.”

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Why Paper Towels Are A Better Choice

Paper Towels vs. Jet Air Dryers

Jet Air Dryers are forcing users to share
disgusting bacteria and viruses. This comparison chart outlines the key differences between paper towels and Jet Air Dryers.

Top Reasons To Choose Scott® Hand Towels

When it comes to protecting businesses, guests ad employees, hand hygiene is key. Single-use towels, like Scott® Hand Towels, offer the most effective and most hygienic hand washing solution compared to Jet Air Dryers.

Hygiene: The Missing Link

In this whitepaper, you will learn that minor illnesses can trigger major employee health and cost implications. It is estimated that as many as 85% of employees are less productive each year because of “minor illnesses” such as the common cold, influenza and gastrointestinal conditions that spike presenteeism and absenteeism.

Cold & Flu Season: Protect Your Bottom Line

Lots of people come together in your building every day - and, yes, some are sick. Find out how you could reduce cross-contamination and the impact to your business this Cold & Flu season.

Transforming Your Restrooms Into An Asset

At Kimberly-Clark Professional*, we believe the restroom should be a key focus of any health and wellness program. That’s because this small space can have a big impact on your facility. Turn to our Scott® Hand Towel solutions to ensure your restrooms measure up.

How Jet Air Dryers Could Impact Your Industry

Food Service


The only thing that spreads faster than foodborne illnesses, is news about a restaurant where diners got sick. When hygiene is critical, addressing hand hygiene issues in the restroom helps you stand out from the crowd.

In the US 48million people get sick from foodborne illness

67% of US patrons believe restaurants are less clean than their homes

76% worry about germs left behind by previous guests

90% of people prefer paper towels to Jet Air Dryers in the restroom

Food Processing


The average cost of a recall for food companies is estimated at $10 million—and that’s before brand damage and lost sales.

In this business, hand hygiene is critical. Consider this: 89% of foodborne outbreaks analyzed over a 23-year period specifically implicated or cited activities that implied food worker's hands as a factor in pathogen transmission.

In fact, Jet Air Dryers harbor bacteria on their surfaces and in their airstreams. Bacterial counts on the surfaces jet air dryers can be up to 1,000 times higher than on a towel dispensers and staphylococci up to 800x higher. With a Jet Air Dryer, hands are more likely to be re-contaminated during the drying process than with towels, which could lead to increased spread of potential pathogens. And hands may actually be more contaminated than before they were washed.



The typical office worker visits the restroom 3 to 4 times per day – for an average facility that equals more than 1.1 million annual opportunities to impress tenants. Using a paper towel is a hygienic, sustainable and cost-effective way to make sure your washroom measures up, leading to happier tenants.

90% of people showed a behavioral preference for paper towels over jet air dryers in the washroom

71% of workers believe the office restroom says a lot about the facility or building manager

Restroom complaints are among the top 3 in an office

Jet Air Dryers can increase the germ count on fingertips by up to 42%



The obvious reason why we wash our hands is to get them clean from bacteria and viruses. In healthcare the importance needs no introduction - preventing HAI’s is a top priority. And it has been proven that Jet air dryers can increase the germ count on fingertips by up to 42%, while bacterial counts on towel dispensers were on average 1000 times lower than those recorded on the surfaces of a Jet Air Dryer.

In its patient safety instructions for healthcare workers, the World Health Organization recommends “drying hands thoroughly using single use towels.”

So why would you expose your patience and staff to jet air dryers?

A 2012 study in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings analyzed the hygienic efficacy of different hand-drying methods. Their recommendation? Paper towels are the best hand-drying option in locations where “hygiene is paramount,” such as hospitals and clinics. The same study determined that air dryers cause cross contamination and deemed them unsuitable for these environments. “From a hygiene viewpoint, paper towels are superior to electric air dryers,” the study concluded.



Over 50% of germ-anxious consumers are worried about germs in hotels. In a 2011 online survey of over 500 people globally, 83% of them said I AGREE with the following statement: “When you stay in a hotel, it’s good to know that your individual needs will be met from the moment you arrive. Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that the hotels you choose are committed to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and to safeguarding your health and wellbeing throughout your stay?

US studies showed that housekeeping practices can spread viruses between guests' rooms and common areas through cross-contamination. Hotel guests can spread viruses from their room to such common areas as the hotel conference center and shared kitchen. Another study found that TV remotes and bathroom sink faucets were among the most contaminated surfaces in hotel rooms.



You don’t do small. Every day, thousands of people pass through your venue, and you’ve worked hard to put together a team and systems to ensure that all their needs are met—including hygiene. And when you get that many people together, they’re bound to share germs, too.

Did know that jet air dryers can increase the germ count on fingers by up to 42%?

We think these are facts that people should know before investing in them for their businesses, or using them personally. Furthermore, among high traffic consumers, a US study showed 7 out of 10 think the germs in your restroom will make them sick.

45% of customers surveyed globally are germ anxious

63% of people globally do everything they can to protect against germs

76% of US customers worry about germs left behind by previous guests

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